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Each job is unique with so many variable factors. Therefore Aerialgo prefers to quote on an individual project basis, after having discussed or been fully briefed on the proposed project.  We pride ourselves in being very affordable.   Locations, travel, subjects can have impacts on these costs.  The most cost effective plan would be to have multiple projects quoted at a single time and receive a quantity rate.

Call or email, for a free quote.

Although we like to film high we keep our prices extremely affordable!

Availability, Bookings & Deposits

Due to the nature of the weather in Indiana and nature of filming shoots we are very flexible when working with clients.  Many of our jobs are very last minute.  However we must have enough time to do pre-flight checks to ensure the job can be undertaken safely.  

We are happy to pencil in potential dates for clients.

Unless agreed to prior to booking, a 35% deposit is required.


Rest assured that any discussions, even if they don’t result in booking a project, will be held in the strictest confidentiality.

No information will be discussed in any manner with anyone not directly associated with the project.

Thought Starter

Give that special person a high definition framed aerial photograph of their home or cherished place for a lot less than you might expect!

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